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My name is Brady Stafford and I am the proud owner and craftsman behind Stafford Woodworks. I began my woodworking journey in 2013. My father and I have spent countless hours building items in his small workshop. What started as father-son time, quickly turned into a deep passion for woodworking. All in all, I attribute my introduction and passion for woodworking to my father. 


Traditional joinery is both elegant and purposeful. It offers structural strength and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Learning this method of woodworking requires patience. I pride myself by only using traditional joinery. No screws, nails, or other metal fasteners are used unless the client wishes otherwise.   


At Stafford Woodworks, each piece of wood has a story. I pride myself on responsibly harvesting wood to give it a second life before it ever reaches the wood chipper or burn pile. What most consider as firewood, I consider to be a beautiful table or other fine furniture. A custom furniture piece has more meaning when the craftsman can tell you exactly where the wood came from and how it was personally acquired.  

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