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  1. What maintenance is required for custom wood furniture?

  • Maintenance needs depend on the type of wood and finish used. Stafford Woodworks provides specific care instructions, including cleaning and protecting the wood to ensure longevity.


  2. Can custom woodworking projects be shipped or are they local services only?

  • Stafford Woodworks offers shipping for both smaller and larger items. Local delivery or pickup is preferred for larger items. Shipping options are discussed during the project planning phase.


  3. What types of wood are suitable for custom woodworking?

  • Different woods have unique characteristics. Common choices include: oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. The best wood depends on the desired aesthetics, durability, and purpose of the project.

  4, How much does custom woodworking cost?

  • Pricing varies based on the complexity of the project, materials used, and the time involved. Custom quotes are provided after discussing specific details with Stafford Woodworks.

  5. How long does it take to complete a custom woodworking project?

  • The timeline varies depending on the complexity, size of the project, and current workload. A timeframe is discussed and agreed upon during the project consultation.


  6. How do I maintain my cutting/serving board?

  • Maintenance of your board is simple. 

    • 1) Use only warm, soapy water with a soft nylon brush to clean.

    • 2) Store on its rubber feet or in a vertical position. 

    • 3) Food-safe mineral oil must be applied at least once a month to keep the wood from drying out depending on how often it is used.​​​​​

  7.  ​What should I NOT do with my cutting/serving board?

              1) Never submerge the board in water.​

              2) Never put the board in the dishwasher. 

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