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Say hello to Bold Mahogany! An end-grain cutting board featuring beautiful mahogany, black walnut, and spalted hackberry. When I am crafting each unique cutting board, I take care to include all of the necessary finishing touches: a non-slip base and chamfered corners for safety.


*The colors present are natural to the wood species. No wood stains are ever used. Finished with food-grade mineral oil.


**This is a build-to-order board. The colors and grain orientartion will not be the exact same as the photo listed. Mahogany, Black Walnut, and Spalted Hackberry (if available) will still be used. 

Bold Mahogany

    • Hand wash with soap and water after each use.
    • Never submerge the board under water.
    • Never put in a dishwasher.
    • Dry immediately with a towel after hand washing.
    • Apply food-grade mineral oil at least once a month.
    • Store the board on its feet or vertical in cool, dry place. 
    • Keep away from sunlight.