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The Herringbone Board is the perfect kitchen accessory for all couples, home cooks, or foodies who appreciate both design and function. Use this handmade cutting/serving board to cut your favorite cheeses, meats, and fruits/veggies to display your envisioned charcuterie board! The Herringbone pattern was meticulously measured and precisely cut to form tight fitting joinery. No screws, nails, or other fasteners are used.


Woods used: Black walnut (w/ sapwood) and Maple.


Size: 16" length x 11" width


*The colors present are natural to the wood species. No wood stains are ever used. Finished with food-grade mineral oil.


**This is a build-to-order board. The colors and grain orientartion will not be the exact same as the photo listed. Black Walnut and Maple will still be used. 



Herringbone Charcuterie/Serving Board