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Looking for a unique centerpiece for your kitchen that you cannot find anywhere else? This sophisticated Lazy Susan is perfect for you! It is the perfect size to be used as a countertop display or as a charcuterie board. The bottom is attached with a stainless steel hoop system that is able to rotate 360 degrees with ease. This piece is 100% customizable for your needs.


Woods used (top to bottom): Maple, Purpleheart, Bois d’ arc, Black walnut, and Red Cedar.


The colors present are natural to the wood species. No wood stains are ever used. This is build-to-order board. Maple, Purpleheart, Bois d’ arc, Black walnut, and Red Cedar will still be used. 


Size: 16" diamter x 1/2" thick


**Important below**

If food is intended on being used ---> Finished with food-grade mineral oil.

If no food will be used ----> Finished with a topcoat sealer (not food safe).

Lazy Susan

    • Hand wash with soap and water after each use (if using food).
    • Never submerge under wate